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Cersaie 2010: Conferences and Seminars
Research prospects in the ceramic industry

Thursday 30 September - 10.00 a.m.
Galleria dell'Architettura

What are the prospects for research in the ceramic industry?
Is sustainability a goal that should be pursued for the competitiveness of the ceramic industry?
The three ceramic research centres in Emilia Romagna discuss the issue with Mirano Sancin, Director of Kilometro Rosso.


Mirano Sancin More

Mirano Sancin

Director General, Kilometro Rosso
Biographical notes
Mirano Sancin He has been General Manager of Area Science Park in Trieste since its establishment in 1986.
Since October 2003 he is  General Manager and CEO of Kilometro Rosso Science Park.
Since 2007 he is Chairman of the “Intellimech” Mechatronics Consortium which has 26 leading Italian enterprises as its members and has its R&D Centre in Kilometro Rosso.
He currently holds other management positions within regional, national and international institutions (European Union, Ministry of Instruction, Universities and Research; Friuli Venezia Giulia, Campania and Calabria Regions, Italian Science Parks Association (APSTI), Italian Industrial Research Association (A.I.R.I), General Confederation of Italian Industry).
He has written several publications, he is a speaker and teacher at conventions, seminars, masters and post-graduate specialisation courses in R&D, innovation, technology transfer, business creation, science and technology parks and territorial economic development policies.

Tiziano Manfredini More

Tiziano Manfredini

Professor at Department of Materials and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Faculty, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Biographical notes
Tiziano Manfredini is full professor of Materials Science and Technology and is actually professor of Ceramic Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.  He has been, and is currently, coordinator of a great number of national and international research projects, scientific collaborations and academic formation programs with a wide feed back on the national and international industries. The scientific activity of Tiziano Manfredini has always regarded the functional and structural ceramic materials (mainly for building applications), that they have been facing in their theoretical and modelling aspects, but also in their applicative ones, holding account that the great evolution in the industrial technologies and systems happened in these years has deeply transformed the field, demanding the development of new materials and more controlled processes. The carried out scientific activity in the field of ceramic can be distinguished in: a) product and process innovation in the traditional ceramic materials; b) design, characterization and application of glass-ceramic materials, colouring agents, pigments and composites to ceramics and glass-ceramic matrix; c) innovative ceramic processes; d) covering techniques, treatments of surfaces. In order to contribute to the innovation process in the ceramic field and in order to maintain high the competitiveness of the production and the penetration in the market, the research has been always finalize to the transfer and to the application of the scientific know-how to the industry in order to obtain new products with high functionality and high aesthetic properties, in order to perform the technological and plant restructuration, in order to reduce the environmental impact, in order to improve the affidability of the final product and in order to introduce innovative superficial treatments. He is author and/or co-author of more than 300 scientific publications.
Professor Tiziano Manfredini was in the past and is presently the head and coordinator of research projects supported by M.U.R., C.N.R. e U.E. Professor Tiziano Manfredini has been carried out an extensive activity in the field of professional qualification and of knowledge and technology transfer to the ceramic industries, in order to achieve a close collaboration between enterprises, advanced research centers and academic institutions.

Arturo Salomoni More

Arturo Salomoni

Centro Ceramico di Bologna
Biographical notes
Degree in Industrial Chemistry from University of Bologna. Coordinator of Advanced Technical Ceramics Section of Centro Ceramico Bologna, Centre of Research and Experimentation for the Ceramic Industry – Laboratory of Emilia-Romagna Region High Technology Network – and director of the Centro Ceramico thermal analysis laboratory. He works on national and international research projects with specific scientific management roles. He carries out scientific and research activities in the following fields: preparation of colloidal suspensions of ceramic powders, technologies for forming advanced ceramic materials (slip casting, pressure slip casting and injection moulding), functionalisation of ceramic surfaces. He has written more than 70 scientific and general ublications on the above themes invarious Italian and foreign trade magazines, monographs and books.

Mariarosa Raimondo More

Mariarosa Raimondo

ISTEC researcher (Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials - CNR)
Biographical notes
1993 - Degree in Industrial Chemistry at University of Rome "La Sapienza". Reasearcher since 1997 at ISTEC CNR; Research Project Leader since 2001 into the Development of Ceramic Materials and Systems for Construction, Domestic and Industrial Uses.
Scientific activity:
Product and process innovation of tiles, bricks and roofing tile, ceramic glazes, pigments, refractory and technical ceramics. Exploitation and characterization of raw materials. Synthesis of innovative coatings for tiles and new decorative effects. Development of methods and procedures specifically dedicated to the traditional ceramic sector. Design and characterization of nanoinks with development of new deposition techniques. 70 pubblications on national and international journals, 50 presentation in scientific conferences.


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Mirano Sancin
Arturo Salomoni
Tiziano Manfredini