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International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings
23-27 September 2019

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Meetings, conferences and exhibits 
on the themes of architecture, 
design, economics and building


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Camilo Rebelo and the importance of the landscape

“We wanted to pay tribute to the landscape.”said Camilo Rebelo about his project for the Museu do Côa: set in the middle of the Côa Valley archaeological park, one of the biggest challenges facing the architects was that of working on a building in a natural environment.

Rebelo presented other projects including the new Port Wine Museum, a remodelled residential building that celebrates one of the world’s most famous wines; the Ovo or Egg, a wooden space designed to hold the Semente (Seed) sculpture created by Portuguese artist Rui Chafes.

Carla Juaçaba and the cultural continuity

The winner of the inaugural international ArcVision Women and Architecture prize, Carla Juaçaba has a special interest in the poetry and expressive potential of tectonics and explores the concept of place in terms of cultural continuity and phenomenological perception.

Together with another nine international architects, she recently took part in "Vatican Chapels" at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Carla Juaçaba hold a conference at Cersaie in the Building, dwelling, thinking cultural programme

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The Media Café

Thirteen conversations held by important magazines from thr world of architecture and design on topical issues.

Three time frames for the conversations between the editors of the magazines and leading figures from the world of architecture and design.


The workshops

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