Bologna - Italy    23 - 27 / 09 / 2024

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The image - Cersaie 2024


A space for architectural design - Cersaie 2024A space for architectural design

Cersaie is a venue devoted to the many different forms and interpretations of architectural design.

The 2024 visual symbolises the interactions between human beings and architectural spaces and consequently the liveability of these spaces in terms of culture, aesthetics and functionality.

The logo rotates to become the virtual perimeter of each of these contexts, creating multiple combinations and viewpoints that will guide visitors during the lead-up to the show in September.

A space for architectural design - Cersaie 2024 A space for architectural design - Cersaie 2024

The image of Cersaie from 2000 to 2023

The image of Cersaie designed by the big names of the world of architecture

From 2000 to 2009 the design of the image of Cersaie was commissioned to ten leading names of the architecture and design world.

The Cersaie 2000 image
The Cersaie 2001 image
The Cersaie 2002 image
The Cersaie 2003 image
The Cersaie 2004 image
The Cersaie 2005 image
The Cersaie 2006 image
The Cersaie 2007 image
The Cersaie 2008 image
The Cersaie 2009 image

A competition for ideas

New ideas and young designers: from 2010 to 2018 the image of Cersaie is selected among those submitted in Beautiful Ideas competition, involving students from Italian universities and institutes of design, graphics and architecture.

The Cersaie 2011 image
The Cersaie 2012 image
The Cersaie 2013 image
The Cersaie 2014 image
The Cersaie 2015 image
The Cersaie 2016 image
The Cersaie 2017 image
The Cersaie 2018 image

Open Cersaie

From 2019 the Cersaie concept becomes Open Cersaie: a pictogram capable of evolving to reach out to new target audiences.

The Cersaie 2019 image
The Cersaie 2020 image
The Cersaie 2021/2022 image
The Cersaie 2023 image