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Cersaie 2010: Conferences and Seminars
Is the future slim? Characteristics and potential of new low-thickness ceramic tiles

Friday 01 October - 10.00 a.m.
Galleria dell'Architettura

The reason why a new standard is needed, the technical aspects that must be addressed, the current state of progress and the prospects for the future.


Folco Tomasini More

Folco Tomasini

EUF (Federation of European Tile Fixers’ Associations)
Biographical notes
FOLCO TOMASINI (1936) was born and lives in Luxemburg.
He has obtained the following diplomas: Advanced diploma in Tile laying, Advanced diploma in Façade engineering, Advanced diploma in Plastering, Advanced diploma in Building, Expert witness in Building
He is Chairman of the Federation of Façade Engineering and Plastering Contractors of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, Chairman of the Ceramic Tile Fixing Contractors Federation of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, and Chairman of the Dry Lining and Stucco Contractors Federation of Luxemburg.
He is a Member of the Central Committee of the Artisan Federation of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, a Member of the Central Committee of the Chamber of Trades of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, a Member of the Examinations Committee for Diplomas in Tile-laying, Façade Engineering and Plastering.
He is the Luxemburg representative in the EUF (Federation of European Tile Fixers’ Associations) and Chairman of the EUF Technical Commission.
He is the Luxemburg representative in the European Committee for Standardization Technical Committee 67 Working Group 4.
He is the Luxemburg representative within the UEEP (European Union of contractors of plastering, dry lining, stucco and related activities).
Vice Chairman of the UEEP Committee.

Davide Carra More

Davide Carra

Chairman for Technical Standards, Confindustria Ceramica

Alessandro Tenaglia More

Alessandro Tenaglia

Centro Ceramico di Bologna
Biographical notes
Alessandro Tenaglia, a graduate in Industrial Chemistry, is a Senior Scientist at the Ceramic Centre, where he carries out research on
raw materials for ceramics, the problems linked to there-use of industrial waste, technological innovation, regulations and certification. He is a member of national and international science associations. He takes part in the following technical committees:
CEN/TC 67 “Ceramic Tiles”, convenor of WG1,“test methods”
CEN/TC 339 “Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces”
ISO/TC 189 “Ceramic tiles”, convenor of WG1 “Test methods”
He has been entrusted by UNIDO with carrying out missions in the People’s Republic of China. He has held conferences and seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong on issues regarding ceramic tiles, and has taught on continuing education programmes of the American Institute of Architects.
He is head and scientific coordinator of research projects of national and international scope.


Video interview

Alessandro Tenaglia
Davide Carra
Folco Tomasini