Bologna - Italy    23 - 27 / 09 / 2024

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Cersaie 2022: Conferences and Seminars
Pininfarina Architecture Talk: "Beauty + Technology = Impact"

THU 29 September - 4,00 p.m.
Archincont(r)act - Gall. 21-22

Pininfarina Architecture explores the issue of sustainability through a holistic approach that is not limited to environmental aspects but also addresses economic and social factors.Architecture today is one of the most complex disciplines because it incorporates a large number of skills: before arriving at the architectural concept, it is necessary to devise a business plan that will attract investors and partners and justify the cost of the project. At the same time, it is essential to assess the additional, intentional and measurable social impact.Viewed from this perspective, design is the most ephemeral part of the design process, not because it is the least important but because it comes at the end of a series of essential steps.


Gianni Giuffrida More

Gianni Giuffrida

Senior Design Manager & Head of Innovation

Biographical notes
With a Master of Architecture degree at Politecnico di Milano, Gianni qualified as member of the ARB and RIBA in 2013, thanks to his experiences in New York, with Studio Daniel Libeskind, and in London, with Zaha Hadid Architects. 
Gianni gained a first-hand knowledge and developed an expertise in the use of parametric and computational design and in creating architectural elements using non-conventional methods of design. Beyond his professional boundaries, this expertise and desire for further enlightenment on the multifaceted nature of computation design led him to establish a dedicated forum to create a platform for people in diverse paths of life (visual arts, performing arts, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, physics, materials science and of course computer science) to exchange ideas and present their works and ideas. 
He joined Pininfarina in 2014 and has since been leading multiple projects ranging from the cultural, infrastructural and residential to the commercial, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. His mission is to lead the innovation drive both in the creative processes and in the final design, reimagining the future with the multidisciplinary approach and insurgent mindset of his internal team and the coordination of external teams. An example of this kind of project is the Istanbul Air Traffic Control Tower and Technical Building which he recently coordinated. 
His role as lead architect within the company entails growing the company business seeking the best opportunities through the liaisons with clients, teams and contractors, thus establishing its design leadership.