Bologna - Italy    23 - 27 / 09 / 2024

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Cersaie 2022: Conferences and Seminars
Lombardini22 Talk: "Design, Society, Energy"

TUE 27 September - 10.30 a.m.
Archincont(r)act - Gall. 21-22

To take one step forward, you have to take two steps back. This experience-based approach offers a practical response to the issue of energy poverty. How can a building be developed as an incubator for an environmental, social and economic future? How can an urban regeneration context aspire to create a new, organic, bright and permeable world, far removed from the stereotype of a cold and inaccessible future?


Alessandro Longo More

Alessandro Longo

Senior Architect Lombardini22

Biographical notes
Alessandro is a regenerative architect. True to his passion, he has always directed his studies, research and design efforts towards the restoration and renewal of existing real estate assets.
Throughout his career, he has devised numerous innovative concepts for the reuse of abandoned city spaces, starting out by considering all the compositional elements of the city itself, and has developed a new format for neighbourhood markets aimed at revitalising micro communities.
As a founding member of the non-profit organisation Parco Segantini, he has contributed to the development of the first sensory-experience park in Milan.
He has been with Lombardini22 since its foundation, working in all the practice’s areas of specialisation. Aware that the reuse of the existing building stock is a key practice for the challenges of sustainability, he is now also the principal architect of the ESG team responsible for ensuring compliance with ESG criteria right from the project concept phase.

Elena Stoppioni More

Elena Stoppioni

President of Save The Planet - ESG Senior Consultant Lombardini22

Biographical notes 
An environmental engineer, she has been actively working on the challenge of sustainability since the early 2000s. She is currently President of Save The Planet APS and an expert trainer in the field of technical physics, sustainable construction and environmental certification.
At Lombardini22 she recently began working on a virtuous and challenging project alongside the group’s Urban&Building, Workplace, Retail, Hospitality, Living, Education, DataCenter and Civil Engineering business units aimed at integrating ESG criteria right from the design phase of real estate assets as part of an ESG-included approach. She sees environmental, social and economic sustainability as an essential daily practice, an aim to be pursued through the constant work of the entire community of professionals.