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Caf della Stampa

Cersaie 2022: Conferences and Seminars
Novita`Café:"Ceramic Impact on Carbon Footprints in the Built Environment"

MON 19 September - 8.00 p.m.
Cersaie Digital

Christine Abbate talks to Maria Lomanto, Founding Principal, DesignGLXY and Russell Fortmeyer, Global Sustainability Leader, Woods Bagot

The impact of material design selection on the carbon footprint of a building throughout its lifecycle is finally coming into focus as ESG performance drives a closer look at in-depth carbon calculations and as building shells and systems are becoming more energy-efficient. Critical for exterior and interior surfacing, the cumulative effect of interior build-outs and renovations – the lifeblood of interior design - can account for more than 50% of the embodied carbon of a building. WIth many interior spaces on a seven-year renovation cadence, surfacing like ceramic tile, that can last for decades and has a host of sustainable and wellness attributes, is a solution with a significant contribution to make. 

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Christine Abbate More
Maria Lomanto More

Maria Lomanto

Founding Principal, DesignGLXY

Russell Fortmeyer More

Russell Fortmeyer

Global Sustainability Leader, Woods Bagot

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