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Cersaie 2009: Conferences and Seminars
Living the desert

Thursday 01 October - 4.00 p.m.
Galleria dell'Architettura

Experiences of minimalist architecture in the American Landscape. Ceramic solutions.


David Tyda More

David Tyda

Editor Desert Living Magazine
Biographical notes:
David Tyda grew up in Chicago before heading out to the New West for a degree in Humanities and Art Theory from Arizona State University. After graduating, he worked as the Managing Editor for The Ritz-Carlton Magazine and a number of other luxury lifestyle publications. For five years, he served as Editor-in-Chief of Las Vegas Magazine before heading back to Arizona to take the Editor position at Desert Living. Building on an eight-year history of covering modern architecture and design, Tyda helped further entrench Desert Living into the local design community by hosting events, judging competitions, and organizing speaking engagements. He has written for US Airways Magazine, Hospitality Design, STRATOS, CondeNet, and CITY; while his film tours through desert architecture can be viewed on YouTube. This November, Tyda will act as a Contemporary Desert Living Tour Captain for the Greenbuild International Conference, taking tour participants to some of the most significant eco-conscious architecture projects around Phoenix.

Michael P. Johnson More

Michael P. Johnson

Michael P. Johnson will present a study demonstrating how architects approach the harsh realities of the desert environment. The methods these architects use to mitigate temperatures ranging from lows of 20 degrees Farenheit up to 120 degrees Farenheit will be illustrated by work examples of eleven architects who have built or are still building in the Sonoran Desert today.
Dwelling in the 21st Century allows architecture to reach beyond merely the physical occupation of a building. Today’s technology and methodology challenge Martin Heidegger’s 1951 doctrine, “Building Dwelling Thinking,” where he asserts that “thinking about building does not presume to discover architectural ideas, let alone to give rules for building.”
Great architectural ideas produce buildings that elevate the experience of occupancy from plebian to enlightenment. And that happens, according to Walter Gropius, “ [when] your contribution has been vital.” He states that “there will always be someone to pick up where you left off, and that will be your claim to immortality.” This is how an architect’s legacy is developed.

Biographical notes
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, between 1958 and 1967 Michael P. Johnson gained architectural design company that takes his name. Considered as one of those artists who have never drawn extensive experience at various architectural firms, before going freelance. In 1968 he set up the a clear line of demarcation between private life and work, Johnson practises his profession with a clear ethical code and very strong personal convictions. The alternative attitude evident in his works is esteemed the world over, as demonstrated by the numerous articles devoted to him in the trade press. His innovative approach places great emphasis on the environment, focusing on the discovery of fleeting values of the human spirit. Johnson has received numerous awards and was amongst the winners of the Ceramic Tiles of Italy Design Competition 2001 at Coverings for his project for the Yoder-Doornbos Residence in Phoenix, Arizona.