Bologna - Italy    23 - 27 / 09 / 2024

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Caf della Stampa

Cersaie 2018: Conferences and Seminars
CHIESA OGGI Café - "Disused churches: a heritage worth protecting"

Friday 28 September - 12.00 p.m.
Café della Stampa - Services Centre


Conversation with: Giuseppe Maria Jonghi Lavarini, Caterina Parrello, Erna Corbetta, Franco Pistocco, Luca Zen, Sebastiano RaneriDavide Bandera

Meeting in italian language only


Giuseppe Maria Jonghi Lavarini More

Giuseppe Maria Jonghi Lavarini

Caterina Parrello More

Caterina Parrello

Erna Corbetta More

Erna Corbetta


Franco Pistocco More

Franco Pistocco


Biographical notes

He graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1992 and in the same year he qualified for the profession. He has been a freelancer since 1993, when he opened his own studio, where he develops projects in both the public and private sectors. In the public sector, it deals with issues of urban furniture and redevelopment of spaces in the city up to the design of public buildings.
In the private sector it deals with building, renovation and new constructions, also addressing urban planning issues by drafting various implementation plans in the areas of recovery, residential and industrial. Since 2011, together with a team of designers, deals with the design and feasibility studies of tourism accommodation facilities throughout the country and abroad.
He also deals with building site safety, structural testing, and appraisals as a CTP.
Appointed in several Local Authorities as a member of building and landscape commissions. Appointed an external member, as a representative of the Order of Architects of the province of Milan, in various graduation commissions both at the Politecnico and at the Faculty of Architecture in Milan. He is currently appointed Commissioner for State Exams to qualify as an architect at the Milan Polytechnic

Luca Zen More

Luca Zen


Biographical notes

Luca Zen was born in Milan in 1964.

He studied and graduated in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic.

After several Collaborations with architects, he opened his own studio in Milan.

His projects include: Mangiari di Strada restaurant in Milan and Hause in the countryside of Noto (SR).
Since 2006 he collaborates with the religious family Beato Angelico of Milan for renovating several liturgical structures.

In 2018 he obtained a three-year degree in Religious Studies at the Institute of Religious Sciences in Milan.

His research is marked by an architectural cultural and spiritual growth aimed at finding points of correlation between architecture and the Holy Scriptures.

Sebastiano Raneri More

Sebastiano Raneri

Interior Designer

Biographical notes

Sebastiano Raneri, Interior Designer, has worked as a freelancer since 1984, mainly in the fields of Interior Design, Design, Urban Design, Renovation and Residential Building Designer, Hospitality, Religious and Healthcare Facilities, both in Italy and abroad.
His profession is enriched by project research on the removal of architectural barriers, on the functional adjustment of social and hospitality facilities, with a particular attention to materials and how to mix them.
He appreciates constructive professional dialogue, because he considers it to be the necessary means to professional and cultural growth; because of this, he has taken part in several international competitions for projects and ideas, which he has won many times.
Over the course of his career, many of his works have been featured and showcased in publications, because of the attention to detail and the main element of all his designs, namely “Design for all”.
He favors training events and any chance of professional dialogue, both in Italy and abroad, taking part in conferences, congresses, workshops and in many juror panels for competitions all over the world.
He was also:
- National President of the Italian Association of Interior Designers
- Member of Colap’s (Coordination of freelancers associations) Board of directors
- Member of the Test commission for professional habilitation of the Ministry for Education
- Global President of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, headquartered in New York City
Now he:
- Actively works with several magazines for architecture and design, as well as industry companies at a global level
- Works with POLIDesign, of which he was Vice President (Consortium of Milan’s Politecnico)
- As IFI’s Past President, he coordinates Interior Design Ambassadors in the world as well as the Education Portfolio for future Interior Designers

Davide Bandera More

Davide Bandera


Biographical notes

Mr Davide Bandera, who was born on December 20th in Milan and is resident here, graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan in October 1997. His first post-graduate work was the architectural design of the structures of some installations for the production of prestressed concrete elements.
He has been working in Mapei since June 1st 1998 in the field of the technical assistance in the construction site for the buildingline sector, both in Italy and in foreign countries, with particular reference to the restoration systems in existing buildings, also of historical and artistic value, under protection of the Superintendence for the architectural and environmental heritage.
Since 2006 he has been Product Manager of the Restoration line for masonry buildings.
His expertise relates to the knowledge of building systems, with particular attention to issues of durability and eco-sustainability, as well as eco-compatibility and comfort.
Experience that has been proven both in the analysis of the main degradation phenomena of building materials that affect the existing structures and in the degradation prevention at the design stage.
Knowledge of the most advanced techniques-technologies, as well as of consolidation systems, renovation and restoration of existing buildings, both of the concrete ones and of the masonry ones, also of particular historical and artistic value.
Management of relations with both public and private prescribers-specifiers and with specialized restoration companies, either domestically and abroad.
Speaker at numerous national monothematic conferences and seminars.
Author and co-author of numerous articles and publications in the specialized press of the sector.