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Felipe Assadi


Biographical notes:
Felipe Assadi graduated as an architect from the Universidad Finis Terrae and earned a master’s degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

In 1999 he won the “Promoción Joven” prize of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile, awarded to the best architect under the age of thirty- ve.

He has taught at universities in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Colombia, and the United States.

Since 2011 he has been the Dean of the architecture school of the Universidad Finis Terrae. He has lectured in Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Argentina, the United States, Italy, and Spain.

His work has been published in Wallpaper and the Architectural Review (London), Arquitectura Viva and av Monografías (Madrid), Architectural Record (New York), GA (Tokyo), and Domus and Casabella (Milan), as well as in specialized publications all over the world. He has participated in exhibitions in Chicago, Barcelona, Pamplona, London, Quito, Tokyo, Venecia and Santiago, and his works have been constructed in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the United States and Ecuador.


Manuel Aires Mateus


biographical notes
Manuel Aires Mateus was born in Lisbon in 1963 and graduated from “Faculdade de Arquitectura / U.T.L” in 1986. He started collaborating with the Arch. Gonçalo Byrne in 1983 and started developing projects with his brother Francisco in 1988. The office Aires Mateus was then established independently by the two brothers although it was housed in Gonçalo Byrne’s studio in the first years. The increasing scale of work made them establish a larger and autonomous space to fulfil the demands. Since then the scale and the amount of projects has been prolific, resulting in several national and international awards. The visibility of their work has made them being invited and accepting lecturing and teaching at several institutions. Among these are the Graduate School of Design in Harvard, The Accademia di Architetura in Mendrisio as well as several others in Portugal. The structure right now spans through two studios both based in Lisbon, having several partnerships with local studios for international works.


Alberto Apostoli


Biographical notes

Born in Verona in 1968. In 1993 he graduates in architecture with specialism in urbanism from the University of Venice. In 1997 he opens his own studio.
In 2006 his first personal exhibition, titled “Contaminated architectures between communication and design”, takes place in the European parliament building in Brussels. At the same time he inaugurates a new office in Guangzhou (China), and shortly after, in 2007, a representative office opens in Casablanca.
In 2010 he develops the engineering side, offering services such as integrated design and project management, creating the brand "Studio Apostoli & Associati". In 2012 he publishes the book "SPA architecture", field in which he is a leader on international scale. In 2013 he is nominated as president of the firm Kogit – Italian General Contractor.


Higini Arau

PhD. Physical Sciences by the Barcelona University

Biographical notes

He is external professor of Masters of Acoustic in la Universidad Ramón Llull (La Salle) de Barcelona, UEM Europe Universidad Madrid, UN Navarra Universidad, Universitat Internacinal de Catalunya UIC, etc, and performed master classes in several Universities and Tecnological Centers of Spain.

- Member of the Sociedad Española de Acústica SEA (member of the board of director team) since 1971.
- Member since 2013, and associate member since 1976 of the Acoustical Society of America ASA
- Firm member of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants since 2013.
- Member of the European Acoustics Association EAA since 2000.Professor of Master in Acoustics in the  - Ramón Llull University (La Salle) in Barcelona, UEM European University Madrid, UN Navarra University,

- JUAN VIGON Research Award given by the “Patronato of the Aero spatial Technique national Institute Esteban Terrades (1980 / 1981)”.
- Rehabitec award 1996: Metropol Theater in Tarragona.
- FAD award. Special Mention in recognition for his work, in the last years, in numerous and important  architectural projects (2000).
- Accessit Construmat 2001 by Institut del Teatre.
- Diploma of silver of the Acoustical Society of America ASA.
- Certificate of recognition of Portuguese Acoustics Society.
- Design award "Auszeichnung gutes Bauen 2006-2010", Switzerland, for the Tonhalle of St. Gallen.


1. An improved Reverberation Formula (#)(1988). Acustica (Hirzel Verlag)Vol 65 nº4, 163-180. Veure NOTA) (*)
2. Variation of the Reverberation Time of places of public assembly with audience size (1997). Building Acoustics, Volume 4 nº 2.
3. General theory of the energy relations in halls with asymmetrical absorption (1999). Building Acoustics vol 5 nº3.
4. Increasing the Acoustic Volume of Performance Spaces without Altering the Internal Dimensions. Acta Acustica united Acustica, Vol 98 (2012) 309-316.
5.The Refurbishment of Orchestra of Rehearsal Room of Great Theater of Liceu, Journal Building Acoustics, Vol 19, number 1, 2012.
6. The Refurbishment of Tonhalle St.Gallen.  Journal Building Acoustics, Vol 19, number 3, 2012.
7. Sound Pressure Levels in Rooms: A Study of Steady State Intensity, Total Sound Level, Reverberation Distance, New Discussion of Steady Intensity, and the other Experimental Formulae. Journal Building Acoustics, Vol 19, number 3, 2012, and others.

NOTE: Theses scientific publications have been and are actually cited in numerous scientific publications and books of the highest level.

ABC de la acústica arquitectónica (1999). Book published by Ceac.

He has been Chairman and co-Chairman in many national and international congresses and invited professor in most of the congresses since 2000, like INTERNOISE, FIA, SEA, Acoustics Institute ICA and ISRA.

Higini Arau has worked 40 years as an acoustical consultant to most of the world's leading architects.
In his work he tried to project the best sound with maximum respect for the architectural design.

His contribution to architecture through sound has been highly recognized worldwide. His large work can be examined on its website

In the scientific field acoustic contribution is well known. His theories now occupy together with Sabine and Eyring a special place in most spreadsheet programs sold in the world, such as the Odeon and WinRT 60.



Enzo Argante

President of Nuvolaverde
Biographical notes
President of Nuvolaverde, the committee which aims to spread the use of digital technology for sustainability, fostered by the Ministry of Environment, Small-Scale Industry, Confindustria [Italian confederation of industry] and Expo 2015. He collaborates with the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore on the topics of smart cities, and Radio 24 with the programme Ferryboat. He also conducts the radio programme 'In viaggio verso l'economia sociale' broadcast by Radio24/Il Sole 24 Ore. Chairman of the Premio Areté committee for the award bestowed on the Communications Manager of Confindustria.
Author and main actor of the theatrical production "Auto Critica, if you don't stop you're lost", dedicated to the topics of sustainable mobility. For the publisher Egea/Bocconi he wrote "The car to come, the future of mobility", the "Mediolanum case history", "from the bank to family bankers". He also worked on the publication of "Philips, Sense and Simplicity" with Sergio Tonfi. For Salerno Editrice he was the co-author of the following publications: L’Italia c’è [Italy exists] together with Ermete Realacci; Creativo Sovversivo [Creative subversion] together with Oliviero Toscani; L’ecobusiness ci salverà? [Will ecobusiness save us?] together with Marco Roveda; Vertigine mediatica [Mediatic vertigo] together with Patrizio Paoletti, and Domare la Tecnologia [Taming technology] together with Stefano Marzano.

Matteo Agnoletto

Architect and researcher Department of Architecture, University of Bologna
Biographical notes
Matteo Agnoletto is a researcher in architectural composition at the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna. He has worked in the practices of Renzo Piano and Jean Nouvel. From 2003 to 2008 he was chief editor of the magazine Parametro. From 2005 to 2008 he collaborated with the architecture section at the Triennale in Milan under the direction of Fulvio Irace. He gained his research doctorate with supervisor Cino Zucchi. He is the coordinator of the “Ricerca Emilia” laboratory set up by the University of Bologna to coordinate the post-earthquake activities in the municipalities affected by the earthquake. He recently published “La campagna necessaria” (Quodlibet 2012).

Jacques Attali

Biographical notes
Jacques Attali, born in Algiers on 1st November 1943, is an intellectual, economist, philosopher and historian. He taught Economic Theory at the École Polytechnique and Paris-Dauphine University. Editorialist of “Express”, he has written dozens of books, translated into more than twenty languages, including essays, novels, children’s books, biographies and theatrical works. He became political advisor to François Mitterand during his first office as President (1981-1990), and in 1991 was appointed Chairman of the EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, the financial institute created at Attali’s own initiative by Western governments to accompany the countries of Central Europe and the ex-Soviet Union in their transition towards a free market economy. He remained in office until 1994. Unanimously considered one of the world’s greatest experts in economics and international relations, he was directly chosen in 2007 by President Nicholas Sarkozy to chair the “Commission pour la libération de la croissance française” (Commission for the freedom of growth).
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