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2022 Exhibitors Catalogue

Cersaie 2022 Exhibitors'Catalogue
Updated on 22/07/2022

51 companies found with search parameters:

the product sector is Red stoneware
AB (AZULEJOS BENADRESA) Hall 26 Stand B183  
ALAPLANA Hall 16 Stand B28-C27  
APARICI Hall 36 Stand A10-B11  
APEGRUPO Hall 26 Stand B22  
ARCANA CERAMICA Hall 26 Stand A32  
ARGENTA CERAMICA Hall 36 Stand B12-C15  
ARMONIE CERAMICHE Hall 30 Stand C62-D71  
AZTECA Hall 26 Stand A104-B105  
AZULEV Hall 19 Stand A32-B33  
CERLAT Hall 19 Stand B66  
CERRAD Hall 16 Stand C9-D10  
CICOGRES Hall 36 Stand B24-C29  
CIFRE CERAMICA Hall 30 Stand C74-D73  
COLLI DI SASSUOLO Hall 37 Stand B44  
CRISTACER Hall 25 Stand B62  
DREAMTILE Hall 25 Stand B58  
EL BARCO Hall 19 Stand B28
EMIGRES Hall 36 Stand B50-C55  
EMOTION CERAMICS Hall 36 Stand B22-C25  
ETILE / ELAM Hall 16 Stand A54-B49  
GEOTILES Hall 26 Stand B31  
GRESMANC GROUP Hall 19 Stand C27
GURAL SERAMIK Hall 19 Stand C51  
HALCÓN CERÁMICAS Hall 36 Stand B24-C29  
I.M.S.O. Hall 25 Stand B90  
ITALCRAFTS Hall 36 Stand C10-D11  
KTL CERAMICA Hall 19 Stand A12
LA FENICE Hall 37 Stand B52-C51  
LA PLATERA Hall 36 Stand B16  
MO.DA Hall 30 Stand C62-D71  
MONOPOLE CERAMICA Hall 19 Stand B64-C63  
MUSIS Hall 30 Stand C62-D71  
NAVARTI Hall 16 Stand A14-B13  
PALO ROSA CERAMICAS Hall 19 Stand B20-C19  
PERONDA GROUP Hall 29 Stand A4-B3
REALONDA Hall 16 Stand B42-C39
ROCA TILES Hall 36 Stand A38-B43  
ROCK CERAMIC Hall 19 Stand C13  
SANCHIS HÔME Hall 19 Stand B58-C57  
SERAMIKSAN Hall 16 Stand B56-C53
SERANIT Hall 16 Stand C34-D41
SOMOCER GROUP Hall 19 Stand C36-D35  
STN CERAMICA Hall 16 Stand A2-B1
TARGET CERAMICS Hall 22 Stand B50  
TAU CERÁMICA Hall 25 Stand A164-B165  
UNDEFASA Hall 19 Stand A18
VILLA CERAMICA Hall 19 Stand A28-B27  
VITRA Hall 36 Stand A14-B15  
VIVES AZULEJOS Y GRES Hall 26 Stand A26-B27  
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