International Exhibition of Ceramic
Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

23 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2024

Bathroom Excellence 1998/2012
ADI Design Index @ Cersaie 2013


year: 2004  adi design index: pag. 136

product: Roto

designer: Benedini Associati, Maurizio Negri

company: Agape

product type: Sink

description: This wash basin is made in one piece of recyclable polyethylene  using a rotation  moulding process.  The choice of material is the most  important feature in this  unusual  product, which comes in a choice of  three colours: white, pistachio green  and orange. With such bright  colours that make it an immediate  conversation piece  and set it at a  distance from conventional ceramic  bathroom products, the unit is  made  using a moulding process that is  quite unusual for bathroom fittings.  With  its elliptic design, made self-supporting  by the pedestal already  built in, this  product is in fact made  all in a single piece. Because it has  such a unique  character, it will fit in  anywhere and will certainly appeal  to younger users.