International Exhibition of Ceramic
Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

25 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2023

Bathroom Excellence 1998/2012
ADI Design Index @ Cersaie 2013


year: 2004  adi design index: pag. 213

product: Progetto L14

designer: Ceramiche Artistiche Lea

company: Ceramiche Artistiche Lea

product type: Tile

description: This product is the offspring of a new heterogeneous, continuously evolving language, in which the three dimensions of forms interact with colour, updating the concept of ceramic cladding. So shape, colour and light combine to create a new relationship with space, while an interior’s surfaces become vibrant and full of life. Colour is a distinctive element in the Progetto L14: it is in perfect symbiosis with the forms, taking on a new meaning and becoming a living, expressive material. The light that reflects off these ceramic surfaces creates new perceptions of the spaces where they are installed. The colour range is extensive and articulated: nine matt colours and seven bright ones. The colours can be combined to create a variety of solutions, from the classical to the original. Progetto L14 comes in a modular system of four basic formats, in which all the collection’s background and decoration elements are made: 20x40, 10x40, 20x20 and 10x20 cm.