International Exhibition of Ceramic
Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

23 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2024

Bathroom Excellence 1998/2012
ADI Design Index @ Cersaie 2013


year: 2004  adi design index: pag. 219

product: EVOline

designer: Antonio Macchi Cassia

company: Steiner Italiana

product type: Accessory

description: Made of injection-moulded ABS, this dispenser can handle individual towels, or  paper towels in sheets or rolls. The dispenser combines an elegant shape, unusual for this type of product, with a versatility of use that makes it interesting. The product can house and therefore also dispense  paper towels with the  conventional C fold, towel rolls or toilet paper,  using the same structure and  altering only a few minor internal  details for each change of use.