International Exhibition of Ceramic
Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

23 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2024

Bathroom Excellence 1998/2012
ADI Design Index @ Cersaie 2013


year: 2012  adi design index: pag. 55

product: Nivis

designer: Shiro Studio

company: Agape

product type: Sink

description: The Nivis washbasin consists of two connected concave sections, with water running from the wider and deeper main section into the smaller part, which has a hole for the overflow. This sculptural device has a harmonious and dynamic effect on the white body of the basin which is made out of Cristalplant® Biobased (a combination of vegetable-based resinous raw material mixed with natural inert minerals of extreme purity). As the two cavities are linked, when the main one is filled, the water flows down into the second one and, through a vertical hole in the centre, the water runs away without overflowing from the basin itself, thus highlighting the fact that this washbasin has its overflow run-off with a vertical axis, unlike traditional systems based on a horizontal axis.