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Cersaie 2011: Conferences and Seminars
Raw Materials for the Ceramics of Tomorrow

Wednesday 21 September - 4.00 p.m.
Galleria dell'Architettura - Gallery 25/26

From procurement issues to the search for substitute materials and new functions.


Vincenzo Palermo More

Vincenzo Palermo

Researcher at CNR Bologna
Biographical notes
Vincenzo Palermo is head of the Nanochemistry Laboratory of the ISOF institute of the CNR of Bologna. His main field of research is the development of new materials for electronics and photovoltaics and the analysis of these materials at a nanometric level using probe microscopy. 
He has published dozens of articles in international magazines in the fields of chemistry, nanotechnology and materials science. Since 2010 he has coordinated the European projects GENIUS and GOSPEL devoted to the development of grapheme-based composite materials, funded by the European Community and the European Science Foundation. He collaborates with various European organisations including the University of Cambridge, the University of Strasbourg, the Max Plank Institute and the companies BASF and NOKIA.
He is one of the nine European representatives of the European community’s pilot project GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP.
He also writes fiction, designs games and promotes scientific knowledge amongst the general public and high school students. In 2008 he published a historical novel set in Bologna.

Paolo Zannini More

Paolo Zannini

Chairman of Italian Ceramic Society
Biographical notes
Prof. Paolo Zannini was born in 1952.
He graduated in Chemistry from the University of Modena in 1976 and began his career at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, subsequently receiving a study grant from the Italian National Research Council C.N.R. On 1/11/81, he began serving as a researcher at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Chemistry Department, of the University of Modena, working in the field of General Inorganic Chemistry, and from 2002 onwards Analytical Chemistry. Since 2005 he has held the position of Associate Lecturer at the Chemistry Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
To date he has published more than 100 scientific papers in national and international journals and has given numerous presentations at international congresses, often as a guest speaker or as chairman.
He has been head of Strategic Project Operating Unit of C.N.R. and is an Expert Scientific Inspector appointed by C.N.R. for the screening of the activities of the Operating Units, Materials sector. He has received research funding and is the Scientific Director of numerous research agreements between the Chemistry Department and outside companies.
He is a scientific expert appointed by the Italian Trade Commission I.C.E. for promotion and cooperation initiatives in the field of Manufacturing Goods – Ceramics.
His most recent research activities have mainly involved analytical chemistry in the field of traditional ceramic materials and materials for cultural heritage. For this purpose he has cooperated with the Scientific Laboratory of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, OPD Florence, ICVBC – CNR Sesto Fiorentino, META-HERA Municipality of Modena, ARPA Emilia Romagna, ISTEC-CNR of Faenza, Centro Ceramico Bologna, TNO of Eindhoven and numerous leading companies in the ceramic and ceramic machinery sectors.
He has been a member of the technical/scientific or editorial committees of various industry journals (Journal of European Ceramic Society, Ceramica Informazione, Industria Italiana dei Laterizi, International Ceramic Journal, Ceramic World Review).
He is the Director of Cu.Be.– Interdepartmental University Centre for Research Applied to the Cultural Heritage.
He is Chairman of the Italian Ceramic Society and a member of the Executive Board and Committees of E.Cer.S. (European Ceramic Society) and of the Directory Board of ICF – International Ceramic Federation.
He is a member of the Board of the Order of Chemists of the Province of Modena.

Vasili Nicoletopoulos More

Vasili Nicoletopoulos




Video interview

Vasili Nicoletopulos - Euromines
Vincenzo Palermo - Ricercatore CNR di Bologna
Paolo Zannini - Presidente Società Ceramica Italiana
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