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Floors and walls: the exhibition at Cersaie

Resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to clean but with a touch of style that makes every environment unique, both indoors and outdoors: floors and walls are central elements, to be chosen with care. From terracotta to porcelain stoneware, from mosaics to sunscreens or ceramic grilles. The latest generation of ceramics rediscovers its role within new architectures and definitions of spaces, with a renewed attention to environmental sustainability.

Laying patterns at the International Ceramic Exhibition

Cersaie 2022 as the International Exhibition of Ceramics offers the opportunity for professionals in the sector to keep up with innovations in the field of installation systems. Designers and installers can find a dedicated space and a point of reference in the Città della Posa, an initiative by Cersaie in collaboration with Assoposa, that explores techniques and regulations in a series of seminars. Every year the Fair becomes a centralizing event for enthusiasts and companies in search of the latest fashions in the field of flooring and cladding.

Worldwide commercial network for installers and tilers

The International Ceramics Exhibition offers a full immersion experience of 5 days during which producers, contractors, retailers and designers will be able to get to know each other and establish profitable commercial relationships. The meeting creates opportunities for growth and professional exchanges, and it is precisely this one of the flagships of the Fair. In fact, there is the opportunity to become part of an international commercial network together with the top players on the international market, familiarizing with professionals from all over the world (about 30% are foreigners representing 134 countries).
Cersaie gives emotions also to visitors and lovers of tiles. It will be possible to touch the desired material and product, ask professional suggestions and advice for renovating homes or simply renovating some environment. An opportunity for producers and retailers to reconfirm the tastes of their customers!

Why do exhibitors choose Cersaie?

Exposing at the International Ceramic Exhibition in Bologna is a guarantee of the quality of the products and the seriousness of the companies represented. The numbers of the last edition speak for themselves: 626 exhibitors of which 236 from abroad and 62,943 Italian and foreign visitors including professionals and visitors.
The Fair gives exhibitors the opportunity not only to show their products to companies, professionals and visitors, but also to increase their training thanks to seminars and dedicated spaces. One of the most acclaimed events of the Fair is precisely the Città della Posa, an occasion during which it will be possible to become a master tiler.

The Fair synonymous of quality

The products exhibited at Cersaie are always in line (and often even in advance) with fashion trends both in terms of materials used, colors and design, and in terms of the attention paid to eco-sustainability. The 2021 exhibition was a great success especially for the attention to detail of the floors and walls exhibited at Cersaie.
Laying systems for tiles perfectly calibrated in the finish and suitable for different environments: kitchen and bathroom coverings, but also for other areas of the house used as a passage. Ad hoc solutions were presented to enhance the materials from the finest to the most common to highlight them and make them express their potential to the fullest. Fundamental are the characteristics of the accessories matched to the coverings and of the furniture matched to the floors. Materials, sections and processes play a crucial role in solving specific needs of use and aesthetics. Among the innovations anticipated during.
Cersaie 2021, the profiles that protrude from the coverings and are transformed into modern and elegant bathroom shelves.

Eco-sustainable floors and walls

Thanks to the general attention that, in recent years, the world has paid to environmental sustainability issues, it has become much easier to choose floors and walls in materials that respect the environment.
Ceramics are the protagonist of Cersaie. It is no coincidence that it is also one of the spontaneously eco-sustainable materials thanks to its characteristics. Inside a home it can be declined in many ways based on the overall design, also guaranteeing various advantages from the resistance, durability and healthiness of the coatings. In some cases, floor tiles can exploit the photocatalysis process triggered by light, thus also performing functions antibacterial, anti-polluting and self-cleaning.
The low impact on the environment also emerges from the great recycling capacity of the ceramic, favored by the inertia of the material. Not only does it have a high durability, ranging from 50 to 75 years, but it is also possible to recycle waste items, both raw and cooked.
In terms of pollution, the use of ceramics also decreases the production of CO2. During the production phase, it allows to lower the cooking temperatures, reducing emissions, while during the packaging for sale it is possible to prefer packaging with recycled and recyclable cardboard. Finally, during the purification phase, it can be disposed of through special systems, selecting lead-free products in the case of ornamental decorations.

Become a tiler or installer at the Città della Posa

Designers, installers and retailers find their dedicated space in the Città della Posa at the Cersaie Fair. An event to be expected all year round to expand one's practical and theoretical knowledge. In this area it is possible to come into close contact with an association created ad hoc to protect the professionalism of installers and tilers.
It will be possible to admire in real time how the best installation professionals carry out their works, discovering new techniques or refining existing ones. The constant discussion will also give the opportunity to investigate practical problems encountered in one's previous experience and find related answers.
The Città della Posa not only offers courses and training credits, but also allows you to broaden your knowledge to protect yourself from any disputes at work. In the course of professional refresher technical seminars, issues relating to design, installation and maintenance are explored in depth, as well as digressions in legal matters to protect one's work.

Floor and wall coverings in step with the latest trends

Layers, tilers and architects as well as floor and wall retailers cannot ignore the latest fashion and design trends. To exhibit products that will meet the taste of visitors, in 2022 it is important to focus on floral. A variation of the jungle style arrives with references to the past, well represented by ceramic coatings with floral decorations. It brings a little bit of nature into the house by multiplying the variations of tiles with designs related to the floral theme. Large or small surfaces in numerous color variations. The decorative ceramic surfaces therefore enter the 2022 homes with a straight leg also as a furnishing element. Tiles with artistic-inspired decorations are also popular in the types of processing. For example, there are ceramics that mimic the effect of the carpet or of such painted with graphic signs left by the "brushes". Ultimately, the approach to outdoor and indoor changes with obvious consequences in terms of floors and walls. With the search for a new contact with nature, the environments begin to unite internal and external spaces in an architectural continuum. The terraces, patios or balconies become fundamental and develop directly from the internal environment towards the outside. The flooring is affected by the new architecture: the design changes and surfaces that are suitable for both spaces are preferred in order to be an element of continuity.

Renewing floors thanks to Superbonus 110

Ceramics and tiles in the Superbonus 110 take on an important position following an important re-evaluation on the reference market, also stimulated by the eco-sustainable change in recent years that has made ceramics one of the favorite design elements. During the "Superbonus and incentives for ceramics " conference hosted by the Cersaie International Fair, it was shown how the redevelopment has positive implications on the national market.
With the approval of the 2022 Budget Law, the tax incentives for the renovation of residential properties were confirmed. In many cases, extending the deadline to 2025 has broadened the possibility of seizing this opportunity. The allocation of resources for the requalification of accommodation and hospitality structures (Law Decree n.152) also makes it possible to deduct up to 100% of the value of the supply or to transfer the accrued tax credit.

Who can receive tax incentives?

With the Residential Bonus, tax incentives are provided for the redevelopment of homes and condominiums. It provides more details on eligible interventions, application rates, deadlines and expenditure ceilings. Tax legislation are examinate regarding the use of ceramics in the common parts of the condominium and in the individual housing units, considering different incentives for materials for different environments.
With the Hotel Bonus, tax incentives are provided for the redevelopment of accommodation and hospitality facilities. Tax regulations are studied and the types of companies in the tourism sector that can appeal to the Superbonus are precisely delineated, particularly in relation to the use of tiles and sanitary ceramics. Among the structures mentioned, hotels, agritourisms, bathing establishments, spas and marinas can benefit from incentives.

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