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Outdoor furniture: the exhibition at Cersaie

Outdoor and indoor are increasingly in contact and continuity solutions are preferred in the passage from one environment to another thanks to the resistance to bad weather. The outdoor furniture takes up the indoor one and declines it according to needs and requirements. The exhibitors at Cersaie respond to this trend by offering materials that are well suited to both solutions and capable of enriching and embellishing the design thanks to quality and attention to detail. The time spent in the spaces outside the house increases more and more, favoring a general rapprochement with nature and the creation of welcoming micro-environments such as outdoor lounges.

Ceramic makes its way into outdoor furniture

In the Salone Internazionale della Ceramica, to be held at BolognaFiere from 26 to 30 September 2022, visitors will have the opportunity to meet different exhibitors who, from the outdoor furniture of a terrace in a house to the garden in a hotel, will propose design and planning solutions suitable for different needs.
In this area, the use of ceramics represents one of the most appreciated solutions. In addition to being a material with beauty as a characteristic, it has also respond perfectly to the needs of outdoor living furnishings that require safety, practicality, durability and solidity. Operators and exhibitors in the sector will appreciate furnishing materials for outdoor spaces such as gardens, lounges and swimming pools with an accurate aesthetic and attention to the well-being of people.
There is no shortage of requests for participation at Cersaie, and this confirms the great attractiveness of the show for operators in the world of construction, contract, architecture and interior design. A match between professionals and exhibitors that facilitates commercial relations.

The business network for visitors and professionals

The fair has always been conceived as an opportunity for professionals from all over the world. The numbers of the last edition, about 600 exhibitors and 62,943 Italian and foreign visitors are a proof of that.
Cersaie sees a constant increasing involvement of important international operators and prescribers of the sectors. The goal is to create a network between these interlocutors and the manufacturing companies exhibiting at the fair. This is also possible thanks to the support of the ITA-Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Why do exhibitors choose Cersaie?

The authority of the event and the trust that has distinguished it for years, push producers and operators in the sector, interested in the world of ceramics and the design of outdoor furnishings, to consider the fair as the main event for the world of architecture and contract.
The program of the 39th edition of Cersaie includes a calendar full of events reflecting internationality and quality of information and training. The architecture and interior design events of “Costruire Abitare Pensare” and the technical-informative seminars at the “Città della Posa” are just some of the events that confirm Cersaie as a leading moment for meeting and comparison on the world scene.
Furthermore, the presence of the international press is also important, joining the foreign delegations and other Cersaie operators, many of which are involved in a large institutional incoming program.

The values and quality of the fair

The International Ceramics Exhibition stands out for the quality of the products on display and the authority of the companies represented. The most innovative ceramic production techniques allow the use of the material also in the furnishing of the outdoor spaces of accommodation facilities and homes.
Ceramic is one of the most popular materials, thanks to its versatility, for garden tables, chairs or other furnishing materials for a swimming pool or simply for the terrace of a restaurant. It is perfect for an outdoor environment subjected to weather conditions because it is extremely resistant, but, at the same time, elegant and with high quality appearance.
At Cersaie it is possible to let yourself be guided by the materials displayed by the exhibitors and see different solutions for indoor and outdoor design with the most disparate styles, always in line with the latest trends. Furthermore, of fundamental importance are the processing techniques used, which play a crucial role in satisfying the specific needs of use and aesthetics required by people.

An outdoor furniture in line with the trends

This year, the trends in outdoor furniture are oriented towards simplicity, with natural materials and light fabrics.
The minimalist style continues to set the trend. The furniture and decorations have soft, round lines with rounded corners, accompanied by features that create a perfect wellness-style outdoor space.
Natural materials with sinuous and elegant lines are preferred, and are highly appreciated for classy furnishing a garden or an outdoor sitting area of an accommodation facility. Particularly sought after are the reclining and extendable seats, comfortable and with soft colors, to appreciate the season from the first ray of sunshine.
An outdoor table is also essential to complete the furniture. Low ceramic tables are preferred because they are functional and not bulky.
Others prefer the rustic style, in which the ceramic interacts with the other elements of the design. The combination of these in the outdoor furniture creates an elegant and comfortable effect.
Among the outdoor trends, it is possible to find furnishings suitable for those who do not have a large open space but only a terrace or a small balcony. Outdoor kitchens, for example, are equipped, although compact, with attention to design, resistant and suitable for all needs.
To recreate suggestive atmospheres, is preferred bright outdoor furniture. At Cersaie, real outdoor lounges are offered, suitable for both a hotel lobby and a home environment. These are living rooms en plein air, comfortable, light and easy to move, designed starting from multifunction compositions that allow to change their appearance according to the use.

Superbonus 110% and green bonus: tax breaks

The 110 % SuperBonus is an incentive measure introduced in 2020 which, together with other forms of tax incentives dedicated to building renovations, aims to make residential properties and accommodation and hospitality facilities more efficient and safer. The ceramics sector was one of the protagonists of these concessions.
An incentive, which can be used together with the Superbonus 110, is the green bonus 2022. It allows to purchase furnishing materials for terraces, gardens and green areas of buildings in general. The facility allows to benefit from a tax deduction of 36% of the expenses incurred.
The aim is to promote the construction sector also linked to the furnishing of businesses and the home, as well as the sector of production and marketing of outdoor furniture.

Who can receive the 110% Superbonus tax incentives?

The deduction of the Superbonus 110% is due to citizens who own or hold a non-residential or residential property within an apartment building, at the time of the renovation works or at the time of incurring the costs. Entrepreneurs are among the beneficiaries in the hypothesis of participation in the expenses for interventions carried out by the condominium on the common parts.

Who can receive the tax incentives of the green bonus?

The green bonus 2022 is a facility which can be used by all taxpayers (private citizens and entrepreneurs  who own or hold, on the basis of a suitable title, the property on which the interventions are carried out and who have incurred the related expenses. In addition to the owners, the deduction is also up to the naked owners, holders of a real right of enjoyment on the property subject to intervention.

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