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Lighting technology: the exhibition at Cersaie

Without light the design would not be visible, which is why lighting is a fundamental element in the design of interiors and exteriors. A soft and warm light helps to create the right atmosphere to relax and enjoy the time spent at home. The lamps in the floor, suspension and wall versions, therefore, adapt to all spaces to create suggestive environments that are perfectly integrated with the overall design. Even in the case of public lighting, functionality and style can be combined with a LED lighting system combined with the light elegance of the ceramic material.

Ceramic blends with lighting design

At Cersaie International Fair, aesthetics is combined with the innovation of lighting technology. To better understand the principles of this discipline, it is necessary to know the magnitudes of light and their size in relation to the visual capacity of the human eye.
lighting design techniques represent a useful solution for those who wish to create a comfortable and suggestive environment.
In this field, the combination with the ceramic material leads to the creation of outdoor and indoor lamps which represent one of the most popular solutions. In fact, in addition to its characteristic beauty, ceramic also possesses particularities which, combined with the lighting solution design, make the rooms particularly pleasant.
Lighting and surfaces collaborate and will have to do it more and more in synchrony to achieve the right illuminating ratio and to enhance the design of floors and walls, especially in the BIM and sustainable design fields.

A business network full of opportunities

Cersaie has always been conceived as a unique event to interact with professionals in the sector both nationally and internationally. Exhibitors, architects, contractors and other operators interact for 5 days in an environment aimed at professional growth.
The international exhibition provides information on the main innovations, including lighting techniques for environments, in a context where professionals and exhibitors establish solid commercial relationships.
The top players of the international market, coming from 24 different countries, are present at the fair. The influence with the foreign reality is also confirmed by the data of the last edition, 236 foreign exhibitors out of 620. These aspects, combined with the contemporaneity of the event, favor companies in understanding the tastes and trends of the market.

Why do exhibitors choose Cersaie?

The International Ceramics Exhibition at Bologna Fiere has always been keen to emphasize the quality of the products on display and of the participating companies. The authoritativeness of the event and the trust that has distinguished it for years, push producers and operators in the sector, interested in the world of ceramics and trends in lighting technology, to consider the fair as the main event for professional visitors.
The program of the new edition of Cersaie includes a calendar full of events, which contribute to increasing the information and training potential that revolve around the international fair. Just think of the architecture and interior design events of "Costruire Abitare Pensare " and " Cersaie Upstairs " (the novelty of 2022): an elevated path that winds through sensory, immersive and cultural experiences to welcome professionals, contract operators and internationally renowned architectural firms.
These are just some of the events that confirm Cersaie as a fundamental moment of meeting and comparison on the world scene.

Quality and style at the Cersaie International Exhibition

The International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings is aimed not only at those looking for a harmonious and pleasant lighting style, but also at those who want to exhibit first-rate ceramic products that are functional and resistant over time.
The industry’s most innovative production systems allow the use of ceramics also in furnishings for hospitality facilities and homes that involve the introduction of lighting design. Cersaie offers high quality lighting systems for bathrooms, living rooms and indoor and outdoor kitchens that employ lighting engineering as a design element aimed at providing greater comfort.
The quality of Cersaie fair makes it the key event for professional visitors from the architecture, interior design and contract sectors who are also interested in the benefits of the lighting industry.

The most sought-after trends in the lighting market

The products exhibited at Cersaie are always in line with the latest trends. The fair is particularly attentive to the needs of users, which is why some of the products are dedicated to lighting engineering. In fact, the impact of lighting design is expected to grow in 2022, by moving towards lighting systems that aim to make homes and businesses attractive.
For modern environments that are both practical and functional, 2022 puts in first place minimalism, combining it with hi-tech and spaces such as lofts and open spaces. Trends for this year focus on ceiling lighting, not only as a functional element but also as the centerpiece of indoor environments. These are elegant lighting systems with new finishes, vintage style and retro lines.
Multiple pendant lamps that create atmosphere and give off elegance vibes are also highly appreciated: they can be customized in number, finishes and placement.
Floor and table lamps with bold shapes and appealing design are also among the top favorites of 2022. You can use pairs of lamps to enhance a sideboard or to showcase a piece of furniture, a sofa or a bed. They’re ideal when placed next to an armchair to create a comfortable reading spot in the living area or to illuminate an open space. Furthermore, among the trends of 2022, LED lamps are regaining their space in the world of lighting, offering the right touch of light to walls.

110% Superbonus and furniture bonuses: the tax breaks

The 110% Superbonus offers some new opportunities to the world of ceramics. Thanks to the approval of the 2022 Budget Law, the bonus also addresses the renovation of homes, accommodation and hospitality facilities.
This benefit, along with other forms of tax incentives dedicated to building renovations, aims at making residential properties, accommodation and hospitality facilities more efficient and safer. The international ceramics fair fully recognizes the importance of the innovations introduced by the Superbonus 110.
Another incentive, which can be combined with the Superbonus, is the 2022 furniture bonus, which has been extended for the whole year. This benefit allows citizens to recover over the years 50% of the amount spent on the purchase of lighting fixtures, new furniture and large household appliances.

Who can receive the 110% Superbonus tax incentives?

The 110% Superbonus deduction is due to citizens who own or hold a non-residential or residential property within a condominium, at the start of renovation work or at the time of issuance of the expenses. As for the entrepreneurs, they are among the beneficiaries in the case of participation in expenses for interventions carried out by the condominium on common parts.

Who can receive the furniture bonus tax incentives?

The furniture bonus is a benefit available to taxpayers who carry out or have carried out renovations, as of January 1, 2020. A 50% deduction will be made possible and calculated on a maximum amount of 10,000 euros for the year 2022 and € 5,000 for the years 2023 and 2024, referring overall to the expenses incurred for the purchase of furniture and large household appliances.

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