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The best of Cersaie 2022 - Wednesday Previews

The Cersaie 2022 Fair enters its climax the 28 of September. The 5 days event dedicates its third day to the proclamation of the first contest winners and further explores the more technical aspects of design by bringing in relevant case studies.


The events of the third day

The events scheduled for 28 September will investigate not only the topic of sustainability in the world of ceramics and design, but also of recovery. There will be moments dedicated to training between theory and practice, always with an exceptional look and comparison.

The highlight of the day? At 2.30 pm there will be the “ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Awards 8th edition” and “ADI Booth Design Award 3rd edition”!

At 10.00 "Presentation of the news on the market dedicated to installation"

Cersaie anticipates trends thanks to the morning appointment with I Matinées in Città della Posa. On this occasion, the Platinum Partners of Assoposa, Fila, Mapei and Raimondi will discuss the latest innovations in the installation market.

At 10.30 "Abitare Nomade"

In his talk “Abitare Nomade”, Massimo Iosa Ghini talks about the new requirements of sustainability adapted to the changes that globalization and the development of the web have brought to everyday life. Before professionals moved from work to home, nowadays they constantly travel from one city to another, a reality even more accurate with the birth of new professional types linked to the digital world. Mobility today represents normality; everyday life is a constant state of travel. In light of new needs, new spaces are born and designers reinvent themselves. We therefore discuss architecture and sustainability: from the choice of materials to the processing methods, considering new social habits.

At 10.30 "The present of sustainability in the bathroom design"

On the occasion of this meeting Cristina Mandrini will talk with the architect Davide Vercelli about how the theme of sustainability can be applied to the design of bathrooms and sanitary ware .

At 11.00 "The sustainable beauty of recovery"

Fulvio Irace will moderate a conference divided into two parts to devote the necessary time to two different architectural projects created in Sicily: Casa Asilo and Palazzo Butera. Through an in-depth study of these two different realities, it will be possible to investigate how the recovery of buildings can help environmental sustainability, favoring the reuse of existing buildings and "zero" soil consumption.

Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo is the award-winning Italian architect who will present the Casa Asilo project as an example of the recovery of a former kindergarten: from a building for public use to a private residence.

Architect Giovanni Cappelletti, on the other hand, will present the project for Palazzo Butera in Palermo: from a sumptuous private villa to an open laboratory for public use.

12.00am "Green Obsession"

Simona Bordone discusses with Stefano Boeri on the green theme on the occasion of the Cersaie Fair.

At 2.00 pm "Large Slabs and UNI Standard 11493: Design, Installation and Maintenance"

The technical refresher seminar dedicated to designers. The training course is divided into two moments to give due emphasis to the theoretical part as to the practical demonstration. Training credits will be confirmed in different numbers according to the professional categories: 4 CFP for Architects, 3 CFP for Engineers, 4 CFP for Surveyors.

At 2.30 pm ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Awards 8th edition and ADI Booth Design Award 3rd edition

"ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award" and "ADI Booth Design Award" are the two long-awaited award ceremonies during the Cersaie event. Receiving the coveted awards are the most innovative Italian products in the sector of ceramic tiles, bathroom furnishing and other surfaces and the exhibition stands that promote the companies’ product and brand value.

At 3.00 pm "Building peace"

Mario Botta will tell a story of resistance: the construction of a Greek Orthodox Catholic church in the Company of Don Orione in Leopoli. The construction went on without ever stopping, with courage, despite the war and the bombings. From the site manager to the priest in charge of the church, everyone involved stopped only briefly, to resume work as soon as possible, shortly after the outbreak of the war.

In this story, the architectural project stems from the desire of the Don Orione community to offer help to complete the construction of a small convent built first to help the disabled, and then used to welcome refugees.

At 3.00 pm "The strange love between the vase and the tile. The fertile dialectic of ceramics in the example of some authors"

Silvana Annicchiarico, architect and independent curator deepens the dialogue between art and industrial ceramics. Two distinct worlds, but whose precious meeting points are enhanced. The debate is enriched from the point of view of Annicchiarico, the director of Design of Repubblica, Aurelio Magistà.

At 16.00 "Building a sustainable future, planning a conscious growth"

During the conference there will be an opportunity to explore a very dear and sensitive topic for the Italian territories and districts: supply chains. The topic will be addressed from different points of view thanks to the presence of the Order of Architects of Bologna and ANCE Emilia. Among all, will be present at the debate Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere, Giovanni Savorani, President of Confindustria Ceramica and Pierluigi Stefanini, President and Spokesperson ASviS - Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development.

At 16.00 "Sustainability applied to the 25 Verde complex in Turin"

Sara Banti, editor-in-chief of Abitare, together with architect Luciano Pia, will explore the theme of sustainability applied to the 25 Verde complex.

At 16.00 Assoposa Academy and Certification of the ceramic installer

There will also be the opportunity to attend the training course provided by Assoposa during the Cersaie 2022 Fair and it will be possible to acquire the Certification of the ceramic installer, valid in accordance with UNI EN ISO 17024, which is based on the installation rules and the design in line with the 11493 Regulation. The cooperation of an external Certification Body guarantees the neutrality of the event.


Why Cersaie Digital? Business networking and online courses

Cersaie Digital is undoubtedly the great news of the 2022 Cersaie edition. The virtual and immersive platform brings the exhibition into everyone's home, making all the talks and events scheduled in the program available in streaming.

This is a not to be missed opportunity especially for professionals in the ceramic sector, as through Cersaie Digital it is possible to establish valuable commercial relationships with national and international colleagues. Not only that, but a small virtual agenda is for making appointments with exhibitors and suppliers.


What awaits you Thursday


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