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The best of Cersaie 2022 – Tuesday’s Previews

On September 27, the Cersaie 2022 edition presents a rich program of events to offer a complete overview of the world of ceramics and design.

The Fair most awaited by professionals in the sector returns to immerse in 5 days of networking with the main exponents of the national and international market, but also to refine their skills and to discover the previews of national and international trends.


The events of the second day

The second day will give the opportunity to deepen from different points of view the realization of a sustainable and responsible design, also aimed at energy saving. Among the many scheduled events there will be opportunities for technical and practical learning.

At 10.00 "Presentation of the news on the laying market" at Tiling Town

The Platinum Members of Assoposa, Fila, Mapei and Raimondi will discuss the topic of installation, highlighting the latest market news reported so far. It will be an important opportunity for update and growth for all professionals, investors and contractors.

At 10.30 Lombardini22 Talk: "Project, Society, Energy" at Archincont(r)act

The theme of energy poverty is addressed. In order to be able to propose sustainable solutions from an environmental, social and economic point of view, it is therefore necessary to take a step back and return to the starting point. How to develop buildings that respect these characteristics of sustainability will be a subject of debate and reflection, as well as understanding how a context of urban regeneration can really help to create a new world, organic, bright and permeable.

At 10.30 am "Building in a sustainable way, between energy saving and innovation" at the Press Cafés

Valerio Baroncini discuss with the Vice Rector Simona Tondelli, professor of Architecture, the architect Luca Drago of LDA Studio and Matteo Carassiti, CEO of E-Wide to investigate the relationship between energy saving and innovation.

At 12.00 "New sobriety and collaborative equity: the different habitat trends on the horizon of 2024" at Archincont(r)act

An unmissable event for those who want to anticipate trends. Ilaria Pizzoferrato will present the new trends in living between sobriety and collaborative equity to ensure a sustainable future.

At 12.00 "The value of the artefact: between design and craftsmanship" at the Press Cafés

Patrizia Catalano talks with Paola Navone on the value of the artefact, focusing on its immediately prominent aspects: design and craftsmanship.

13.00 "Building Responsibly Together" at the Press Cafés

Mapei and Panariagroup present Building Responsibly Together. This is a collaborative project that was created to raise awareness in the construction supply chain and to concretely help combat climate change. The discussion will also benefit from the participation of Mapei Chief Executive Officer, Marco Squinzi, and of Panariagroup President, Emilio Mussini, with the moderation of Donatella Bollani.

2.00 pm "Large Slabs and UNI 11493 Standard: Design, Installation and Maintenance" at Tiling Town

With this event, is given space to the more practical and creative part of the processing and design of the installation. It is in fact a technical seminar that will unfold between theoretical study and practical demonstration.

At 3.00 pm "The three dimensions of well-being: residential, ancestral, curative" at the Press Cafés

Fiorella Baserga, Director of Suite, discusses with the architect Alberto Apostoli and other illustrious guests to explore three major issues related to the sphere of well-being: residential, ancestral and curative reality.

At 16.00 "Recognizing the value of the existing" at Archincont(r)act

Starting from the present to find opportunities for growth and improvement. This is the path identified by Leonardo Cavalli's talk which focuses on the value of the existing as a more sustainable approach to urban regeneration.

At 16.00 "Reshape cities" at the Press Cafés

Ruben Modigliani talks with Monica Tricario of Piuarch and the architect Filippo Pagliani (Park Associati) to discuss what are the best methods to renovate a city architecturally.

At 4.00 pm "Assoposa Academy and Certification of the ceramic installer" at Tiling Town

Assoposa will present its training courses for installers at the Cersaie event. The exceptional nature of the event is marked by the possibility of receiving the Certification of the ceramic installer thanks to the collaboration of an external Certification Body which, therefore, acts as a guarantor of neutrality. The certification thus obtained is valid in accordance with UNI EN ISO 17024 and certifies the installation and design according to the 11493 standards.


Cersaie Digital: the solution for business networking

Cersaie Digital takes the infinite possibilities of online and adapt them to Cersaie. It is a digital platform easily accessible from the official website of the Fair, designed to create digital bridges and unite all professionals in the sector in a single space dedicated to networking. In fact, it is also possible to make an appointment with various exhibitors and suppliers.

Not only a network of contacts, but also a space to follow online the conferences and debates addressed at the BolognaFiere headquarters. In this way it will be possible to retrieve the unattended talks and update on all the issues addressed during the International Exhibition of Ceramics and Bathroom Furnishings.


What to expect on Wednesday


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