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Ceramics and design: the exhibition at Cersaie

Vivid colors and enveloping atmosphere. These are the prerogatives of the ceramic, according to the latest trends in international design. Thanks to its versatility it fits perfectly into all indoor and outdoor styles, dressing in colors and decorations to enhance the home and its spaces. Ceramics reconfirms its enormous value also in the eyes of foreign sector professionals, making more profitable than ever a trade fair like Cersaie, which brings together Italian and foreign companies and professionals.

The art of ceramics at the International Exhibition

The ceramic creativity is at the center of a continuously developing process, aimed at constantly improving both technical and performance qualities as well as aesthetic and compositional qualities. The International Ceramics Exhibition offers the widest and most articulated space and relevance to this highly flexible and adaptable material, capable of recreating any atmosphere for design-conscious public and private environments.
Within the fair, its varied characteristics can be appreciated: shapes, thicknesses, formats, surfaces, finishes, colors and decorations, applications and laying patterns in line with the latest trends in interior and exterior design.
The ability to enhance the rooms of the house, even with only single elements, makes ceramics an excellent element for the enhancement of the interior spaces. Not only single tiles in disparate formats and colors to customize the design, but also innovative laying patterns and inserted in transversal compositional solutions.
In fact, Cersaie 2022 includes the Città della Posa, a space exclusively dedicated to installation techniques for designers and installers. Training and updates as well as discussions between professionals: all concentrated in 5 days of the Fair.

Network of contacts, comparison and growth opportunities for professionals

Cersaie offers a unique opportunity to interact with international design professionals. Producers, contractors, retailers together in 5 days dedicated to update and professional growth, achieved through direct knowledge of the most innovative and recent aesthetic and design solutions.
The possibilities of mutual growth are condensed and exponential, thanks to the spontaneous creation of a commercial network that includes the top players on the international market from 24 different countries.
The Fair opens its doors also to private visitors, providing the opportunity to touch the products on display, including ceramic tiles and accessories, and to ask for professional advice and suggestions to renovate the house or renovate the environments. The meeting and discussion with the customer favors exhibiting companies in understanding the tastes and trends of the market.

Why do exhibitors choose Cersaie?

Exhibiting at Cersaie means entering a context that opens the doors to the Italian and foreign market. The attention dedicated to professionals and companies is not limited to creating a place of comparison where to strengthen one's network of contacts, but also involves the field of training. Seminars and updates that provide training credits are in fact scheduled for the entire 5-day period of the Fair. Cersaie is concrete, one of the few fairs where real business is still being done.
The possibility of profitable contamination is also demonstrated by the data . Suffice it to say that Cersaie 2021 welcomed 62,943 people both Italians and foreigners. Although it was a year during which travel was reduced to a minimum, professionals and visitors went to the show, appreciating the quality and exclusivity of the exhibitors.

The Città della Posa for designers and installers

The Cersaie Fair dedicates a special space to the world of installation for designers, installers and retailers. La Città della Posa offers practical and theoretical insights into the techniques and the laying patterns. The installers and producers of ceramic tiles are placed at the center of attention and protected regarding rules and regulations, giving the opportunity to get in touch with an association created precisely to satisfy needs and curiosities of a legal nature.
In the Città della Posa you can admire the best installation professionals at work, attending live demonstrations. It will be possible to discover new techniques or improve those already known, but also to find answers to practical problems thanks to the comparison with professionals with proven experience in the field.
From design to installation and maintenance: inside this space are studied all the steps to improve the installation techniques and the compositions that can be created.

Quality and modernity: the hallmarks of the Fair

The Cersaie Ceramics Fair in Bologna Fiere for many years it has been characterized by the quality of the products on display, always in line with the latest trends in the field of design and architecture. With an eye to the international market, it has often anticipated trends by taking on a role of reference for ceramic professionals.
During Cersaie 2021, for example, was anticipated the great use of particular solutions of porcelain stoneware ceramics for interior design and for its flexible, aesthetic, pleasant to the touch and healthy characteristics. Ideal for finishes, slabs, coverings and floors, the porcelain stoneware is also well suited to the production of accessories and furnishing accessories such as tops for bathrooms and kitchens, doors for furniture, shelves for tables - which enrich and give personality to the environment.
Another great trend anticipated during last year's edition concerned the laying patterns. A new look at finishes, techniques and compositions has declined colored tiles and ceramics based on interior and exterior design: furnishings for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, but also areas of passage between the rooms.
The ceramic covers walls and furniture in continuity with a harmonious coherence determined using the same material on multiple surfaces.

Artistic ceramics and decorations lead the design trends

The desire to link the domestic environment to nature is becoming more and more urgent in design, with solutions of continuity from inside to outside, made possible thanks to ceramics. The ceramic tiles for outdoors help to recreate the atmosphere of a protective nest between the world of nature and the safety of the home. In the gardens with the furniture of the outdoor design the use of floors and walls in ceramic slabs is increasingly affirmed, which also adapt perfectly to the domestic aesthetics thanks to the combination with outdoor tables, walkways, perimeter walls and swimming pools
Among the main trends, the use of tiles emerges in porcelain stoneware for garden paving. In this way, in fact, it is easy to dry-lay ceramic tiles for non-slip and weather-resistant outdoor use on grass, gravel or sand.
Also in the interior design the link with nature resonates through geometric and floral solutions or thanks to the choice of particular laying patterns (such as the Hungarian chevron laying which is perfect for the foliage motif). Trendy idea for further personalizing environments is given by ceramic applications and decorations with interesting three - dimensional effects.
Design in Italy and abroad focuses on attention to detail. The tiles are populated with floral or faunal motifs thanks to the different possibilities offered by the primary material. Tiles and ceramic finishes become an artistic element that finds inspiration in art and fashion, taking up colors, decorations, graphics and patterns. The ceramics gain an increasingly important place within interior decoration, pushing the boundaries of personalization and aesthetics.
The design trends for homes and residential environments also extend to public places intended for well-being. Accommodation facilities such as hotels and farmhouses and wellness facilities - such as spas, saunas and swimming pools - recreate increasingly relaxing atmospheres, following the same aesthetic characteristics in vogue for the interiors. Furthermore, they can enjoy the qualities of ceramics that make it a flexible material and easily adaptable to the rest of the furniture.

The Superbonus 110 gives new energy to the sector

The Superbonus 110 offers new opportunities to the world of ceramics and tiles. With the resonance of the debates on the eco-sustainability of materials, in recent years ceramic has been one of the favorite materials of architects and designers in creating aesthetically beautiful, functional and customizable environments. With the conference "Superbonus and incentives for ceramics", held at the Cersaie International Fair last year , the positive implications that a redevelopment would have had on the national market had already been demonstrated.
The subsequent approval with the 2022 Budget Law confirmed the provision of tax incentives for the renovation of condominium and apartments. An opportunity made even more concrete by the extension of the deadline to 2025. As regards accommodation and hospitality structures, instead, we refer to the Law Decree n.152 which provides a further allocation of resources for their requalification. In this case it is possible to obtain, depending on the case, also a deduction equal to 100% of the value of the supply or the transfer of the accrued tax credit.

Who can receive tax incentives?

The Residential Bonus is intended for the redevelopment of houses, more specifically of homes and condominiums. The tax incentives granted in this case also depend on the activities carried out. The Superbonus provides further information on eligible interventions, application rates, deadlines and expenditure ceilings. Tax legislation regulates the use of ceramics and tiles in the common areas of the condominium and in individual housing units, since it provides for different incentives for different environments and materials.
The Hotel Bonus is intended for the redevelopment of accommodation and hospitality structures. Tax incentives are determined not only by tax rules, but above all by the types of companies in the tourism sector that can apply for the Superbonus. Hotels, agritourisms, bathing establishments, spas and tourist ports, for example, can take advantage of tax breaks, in particular for works relating to the use of tiles and sanitary ceramics.

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