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Media kit

Pocket guide

Distributed for free at the entrances of the FairGrounds throughout the 5 days of Exhibition.

Download "Pocket Guide" sheet

Positions and rates

Codes Formats Dimensions Rates
102022151 DOUBLE-PAGE 290x210 mm € 2,200.00
102022152 COMPANY LOGO FACING THE HALL PLAN 20x9 mm € 850.00

Full page file format

Positions and Rates

Codes Formats Dimensions Rates
102022142 INSIDE FRONT COVER 145x210 mm € 3,230.00
102022145 BACK COVER 142x210 mm € 10,000.00
102022140 FULL PAGE 145x210 mm € 1,795.00
102022146 HALL LAYOUT FACING PAGE 145x210 mm € 2,570.00


Positions and Rates

Codes Formats Dimensions Rates
102022149 COVER TAIL 131x53 mm € 6,250.00
102022143 TAIL ON THE FIRST PAGE OF TEXT 126x60 mm € 3,560.00
102022147 SINGLE TAIL 126x60 mm € 995.00

Floor Plan facing pages’ layout

Positions and Rates

Codes Formats Dimensions Rates
102022144 F1 - FLOOR PLAN FACING PAGE 145x210 mm € 3,790.00
102022144 F2 - FLOOR PLAN FACING PAGE 127x210 mm € 3,790.00
102022144 R1 - FLOOR PLAN FACING PAGE 135x210 mm € 3,790.00
102022144 R2 - FLOOR PLAN FACING PAGE 131x210 mm € 3,790.00
102022144 R3 - FLOOR PLAN FACING PAGE 127x210 mm € 3,790.00
102022148 FLOOR PLAN PAGE TAIL 126x60 mm € 2,250.00
102022150 P - BOOKMARK 65x195 mm Price upon request

Technical specifications

FILE FORMAT (WITH NO TRIM) 145X210 mm, (four-colour CMYK)

Files format:

  • TIF, JPG (resolution 300 dpi) four-colour (CMYK), with 5 mm trim in addition to the Ad. dimension.
  • PDF for printing, four-colour (CMYK) without spot, with 5 mm trim in addition to the Ad. dimension, register marks, centered, all font embedded. Multiple-page pdfs are not accepted.


  • no image compression method must be used
  • text or important details must be inset 10 mm from crop marks
  • file must not carry Pantone colours
  • please include the name of your Company in the filename
  • please provide the contact name, telephone number and e-mail address of agency or individual who produced Ad.
  • the Organizer is not responsible for any printing errors if no proof is supplied or if the material does not adhere to any technical specifications outlined within this document.

Material delivery

The material must be sent no later than 10 June 2022

More info:

Eugenio Strali -
Gabriele Aluigi -
Beatrice Coltelli -
E-mail: - Tel. +39 051 6646000

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