International Exhibition of Ceramic
Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

26 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2016

Building, dwelling, thinking

For the first time in its more than twenty year history, in 2009 Cersaie introduced a festival of architecture and design into its programme of events.
The title of the cultural programme “building, dwelling, thinking” embodies all the essential actions performed by a human being during his stay upon the earth, as expressed by Heidegger, the German philosopher whose essay provided the inspiration for the contents of the programme. In these last four years, “building, dwelling, thinking” has hosted hundreds of speakers, predominantly from the world of building design and including almost a dozen Pritzker award winners, emerging Italian and international architects and designers, university professors and intellectuals. Dozens of technical and broader cultural themes have been addressed, from architecture through to design and ceramics.
Thanks to “building, dwelling, thinking”, Cersaie is not only an annual international event where design students and professionals can obtain the latest information on ceramic tiles, it has also become a platform for theoretical discussion, an opportunity to debate the most topical issues of contemporary design and to exchange ideas with the world’s most renowned and innovative designers.


The programme of events has jet to be defined.